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Hello & Welcome to your Gallery!

+Please Pick 20 Favorites you would like for your keepsake album & used as your retouched examples.

We will then add these to the beginning of your gallery. This is what our final images will look like before we print any future orders. If you have any special requests let us know. We smooth out everything so, If you want to keep those freckles or beauty marks tell us now.

+When sharing photos on FB only use what we have uploaded & Credit DiGiovanni Photography .

+If you choose to use a photo as your profile picture do not crop out our watermark.

+Absolutely no screenshots. Our website notifies us when this happens. This makes the quality of our work go down, and is not a proper representation of our product.

+ Do not alter our photos in anyway unless you purchase the Copyrights.

+If you did not purchase the copyrights to a photo it is illegal to print, edit, or copy any of our work yourself.

Thank you for respecting our wishes & taking the time to educate yourself in proper professional photographic etiquette!

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