Basic Viewing
* Click on any photo to see it larger.
* Navigate with your arrow keys for faster control (desktop).

To Download:
* Click on SELECT PHOTOS (top right).
* Choose DOWNLOAD (top right).
* Pick to download specific images or all in the gallery.
* If you choose specific, go through & check mark the ones you want.
* DOWNLOAD SELECTED (top right).

* If you want to download them all be prepared to save them on a back up. The files are original HD for print so they're extremely large, and it will take a while to download them all (sometimes a day depending on your computer.) - I will be sending you a flash drive with all your photos compressed to a smaller size for a keepsake so don't feel you need all the huge files. You really only need to download the ones you would like to print/share.
What address should I send too?

Printing Options:
You have the Copyrights so you can download the file & print from wherever you choose. You also have the option to order straight from your gallery. The prices are set to base lab print prices. Pretty close, if not better than a lot of printing websites (it's MPIX). I do not make money from this. It's a direct way to get things done. It also guarantees the color will match what your seeing more closely than some other printing services.

Retouching & Design Work:
If there are any photos you would like retouched, head swaps, or things in the background taken out send me an e-mail with the image number and instruction. I will then upload the new version to your gallery :)

Sharing your Images:
I will soon be posting a blog/FB album with some of my favorite images from your wedding. If there are any specific images you would like shared let me know. Please let me know what images you plan on sharing so I can give them the final touch so people can see my work in the right light. Also please make sure to credit DiGiovanni Photography on your Photo posts.

*To share images with me "heart" them as your favorites. Then make sure to share them to me. I can't see them unless you "share".

Please let me know if you need any further instruction!