Basic Viewing :
* Click on any photo to see it larger.
* Navigate with your arrow keys for faster control (desktop).
* Choose slideshow (top right) to view your images with music. This is the best way to view them first!

To Purchase:
* Click on SELECT PHOTOS (top right).
* check mark the ones you want.
* Click BUY (top right).
* Select what you want from the product list and continue through Checkout.
* Your prints will be delivered to your home.
* Images will be retouched before printed.

Printing Options:
You can download your files & print from wherever you choose. You also have the option to order straight from your gallery. When ordering from your gallery your photos will be perfected/retouched before printed. This is a direct way to get things done. It also guarantees the color will match what your seeing more closely than other printing services.

To Download:
* Click on SELECT PHOTOS (top right).
* Choose DOWNLOAD (top right).
* Pick to download specific images or all in the gallery.
* If you choose specific, go through &check mark the ones you want.
* DOWNLOAD SELECTED (top right).

* If you want to download them all be prepared to save them on a back up. The files are original HD for print so they're extremely large, and it will take a while to download them all (sometimes a day depending on your computer).

Retouching & Design Work:
If there are any photos you would like retouched/edited send me an e-mail with the image number and instruction or mark them in your favorites. I will then upload the new version to your gallery :) The photos of Alyse, solo, have been retouched if you would like to refer to those as finished examples.

*you can "heart" photos as your favorites. Make sure to "share them" to me if you need any design work done . I can't see them unless you "share".

There are a few color samples at the end for you to see. If there are any others you would like in color let me know.

Thank you & Enjoy!