Created 3-Jun-12
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Thank you so much for choosing us to capture one of the most important moments of your lives! I "narrowed down" over 1,000 images to a little over 400. I would have liked to narrow them down even further to make it easier for you, but there were to many beautiful moments from this grand celebration:) I wanted you to feel as if you were reliving this day ,as well as anyone else going through these photos..especially those who could not attend. I would like you two to go through these and comment below any images you would like taken out ...I will then update the gallery and you can spread the word to everyone that your gallery is up!

Anyone can order from here. If the image is not yet edited just have guests know to comment below that they plan to order and I will get right on it.

Before going through each picture individually I really encourage watching the slide show first. I put a little special tune to all the images and I believe you will find this very enjoyable. If you have any questions you know where to find me :) Cheers, Nikole & Pat